Pickup & Disposal Services

As a low volume producer we are able, under the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality guidelines, to pick up used coolants from shops, salvage yards, and other environmental extraction companies. These services are offered at no charge and in some cases purchased from those types of entities. We typically remove the used coolant in a timely manner, normally within 72 hours of contacting our company.  We use standard shipping technology in the transportation of used coolant using steel in cased 250 gallon totes mounted onto or delivery vehicles, to minimize any type of possible spill.

Delivery Services

Delivery is our favorite part of this business because we get paid. Our normal goal is to delivery your coolant in a timely manner, normally within 72 hours of order receipt. We have standard routes around the Dallas Metro-Plex and East Texas. Your recycled coolant will be delivered in a 55 gallon drum or pumped off off our delivery trucks into your container. Our standard procedures are to clean the exterior of the barrel  and label upon delivery.

Recycle Services

We use a standard process of distillation with polymer, and carbon filtration.  Our anti-freeze passes through 9 separate filtration devices before it hits your shop floor with a product filtered to 1 micron with a very pretty sheen to it. MARS is so up tight about filtering we even filter it again coming off the delivery truck. This system is an industry standard for the past twenty plus years. Producing millions and millions of gallons of quality products to the Automotive and Diesel industry.  After extensive filtration, both Heavy Duty Green and Extended  are brought up to industry standards.

After All we guarantee fast service no matter how long it takes.