Always cold, never frozen!      Quality Recycled Antifreeze

Universal / Blendable – Used Antifreeze Recycling Disposal


We are an antifreeze recycling company proudly serving the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex and surrounding areas. A company committed to providing top quality bulk (55 gallon drum) recycled antifreeze to the diesel and automotive industry. Mars Tech makes daily deliveries and pickups.   

Offering a standard life heavy duty green coolant / antifreeze and an extended life gold or red coolant / antifreeze for coverage up to 100,000 miles. Both of these types of antifreeze products are 50/50 ready to run. Mars Tech recycled Antifreeze has diesel additive for off road applications, providing a very stable antifreeze platform. This is a bonus for auto and diesel repair shops! 

Our pre-diluted Heavy Duty Antifreeze is ready to add to your vehicle’s cooling system. It is a non-silicate non-phosphate formulation that the initial charge of supplemental coolant additive (SCA) provides outstanding protection from cavitation erosion, as well as excellent overall corrosion protection. This ethylene glycol based coolant contains an advanced inhibitor system to provide broader range of protection than most coolants.


Are you aware that only around 20% of antifreeze is recycled every year. Most is lost on the streets of America. One of the urban legends of antifreeze is that your animal will drink it. This is not true, poisonings come when someone intentionally mixes with food or some other product that attacks the animal.  

We are also heavily involved in the hot rod world and have recycled antifreeze products at Swap meets around the Dallas Area. In the future we will a calendar of up coming events – be sure to let us know if you would like to see our products some where specific! 

Contact Brandon Hughes @ 214 – 808 – 7131    or    brandon@marsdrip.com


Why choose Mars???

Diesel Additive Mixed IN giving extremely steady PH levels preventing cavitations.

HOAT hybrid organic technology allows blending with normal or extended life products in the market.

Complete Recycle Services P/U & delivery included with documentation for EPA and TECQ and local City/County

Family owned and operated since 2005. Although Randy Martin is no longer with us, through his footsteps Mars Tech is still a leading antifreeze producer.